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Size chart

Calculating your ideal sandal size:

The most accurate way to determine your sandal size is to measure the length of your foot the following way: stand flat footed with the back of your heel against a wall and then make a mark with a pen/sticker or sticky tape at the tip of your big toe. Then take a ruler and measure the distance between the two points in cm. Check on our size chart below and see which size category you fall into.

Please note: Sandals have been measured from stitch to stitch there is already a 1cm allowance on the length and width. (0.5 cm allowance at the front and o.5 cm allowance at the back and 0.5 cm allowance on each side on width)

UK Size Length Width (Widest Part)
6 25.5 CM 9.2 CM
7 26.2 CM 9.3 CM
8 27.1 CM 9.5 CM
9 27.8 CM 9.7 CM
10 28.7 CM 9.9 CM
11 29.6 CM 10 CM